News: ​Security access - 2023

​Security access - 2023
31 Jul 2023 - Alan Burge


In order to improve security, we have recently transferred to a new access control system which should provide us with better information about people coming onto Condado. Under the new system, all residents' vehicles should be able to enter and leave Condado automatically providing they are properly registered on the system with Inmho, but any vehicle which is registered as a visitor at the security gate, but not subsequently registered with Inmho, will need to provide their identification every time they enter as their details will be deleted from the system when they exit.

Unfortunately, this has initially led to some delays at the security points whilst the guards take details of vehicles and drivers. We apologise for any inconvenience this is causing and would encourage anyone who is on Condado for longer than 24 hours to ensure that they register their vehicle with Inmho. We would also ask that people are patient and treat the guards with respect at all times whilst they are doing their job in difficult circumstances.

During this weekend we also had a failure of one of the three entrance gates and this has caused additional delays. This is now working.

We also remind everyone that the entrance gate adjacent to J1 remains open for all registered cars (not visitors) and is always an alternative option during busy periods.


Our current access control system provided by Cable Murcia is in excess of 5 years old and beginning to fail. A tender was started to appoint a new company to manage the access control.

SYON were appointed and a new access control system will be installed in the coming weeks.

With the new access control system, we will also be examining how to better manager visitors to Condado. The first step will be that under the new system, all owners will be notified by email in real time, when visitors arrive for them.

In addition to this speed calming measure will be added to the exit gates at the main entrance/exit, due to so many residents speeding through the exit resulting in many collisions with the main barriers. As a result of the many many collisions, the barriers most recently have been up more on the exit. Please drive slowly through the exit and stop where the stop sign indicates and not right in front on the barrier and please allow the car in front to exit before you travel through the barrier exit.

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