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The Condado Security Contact provides, management, and quality assurance of the security contract signed by the Community and the Security Company. They are the primary interface between the client and the company.

The Condado Security Contact will largely be responsible for overseeing that the security company correctly manages the teams on site and will ensure that all security protocols implemented by the company are in line with the agreed protocols.


- Coordinates all management functions of the contract in support of the community.

- Ensures all accidents and security incidents are investigated and reported by the security company in line with agreed protocols

- Provides weekly updates regarding contract compliance.

- Ensures that the security company achieves minimum standards in all security duties including static guarding, access control, patrolling and communications procedures.

- Acts as advisor on all aspects of security and is the key advisor to the security committee team.

- Performs oversight (Quality assurance/Quality Control, KPI’s) and audit of the security contractor.

- Ensures that the Security Company develops security scenarios for emergency response plans.

- Conducts verification checks on all security processes included in the contract, and procedures including technical and physical security programmes.

- Maintains regular liaison with the security company and the appropriate security officials and monitors and recommends the need for additional security support.

- Conducts regular data analysis to identify trends and proposes prevention strategies to the committee.

- Analyses data and provides anonymised data to provide a dashboard of security information for owners via the Condado website

- Conducts and writes safety/security surveys, follows-up, and tracks recommendations to closure.

- Checks that the security company correctly performs safety/security investigations when required.

- Liaise as part of the community with local police and other security related authorities.

- Conduct monthly briefings to the security committee on the contractor’s achievements, challenges, and recommendations.

- In no case shall he/she perform any role or work that is the responsibility of private security. This is an administrative manager position.



- Minimum 5 years in a security operational managerial role.

- Competent in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

- Fluent in speaking and writing in both Spanish and English.


- Minimum 12 months in a security consultant role.

- Experience managing operations for resort clients.

- Experience managing local security guard force.


- Part time – Average of 20 hours per week

If you are interested and accomplish the requirements, you can send your CV to:

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