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More than 40 years experience In December 1968 a company called Nordisk Ferie was established. The first product of this new company was cabin holidays in Norway. The company started as a one-man business in a basement in Copenhagen.

North Europe's largest company for holiday rentals

Today, the company has developed into Northern Europe's largest company for holiday rentals with 40.000 holiday rentals in 29 European countries. The new name of the company is NOVASOL and the company is a member of the Wyndham Vacation Rentals. NOVASOL has subsidiaries in a number of countries, several walk-in offices in popular holiday areas and hundreds of committed employees. The difference between then and now is immense - but the essential principles and standards have been carried through and are under NOVASOL still the same and even after 40 years we still maintain the same 3 principles which have always characterised NOVASOL. This is quality, service and reliability.

Quality, service and reliability

At NOVASOL, we aim to differentiate us from other companies by providing •quality holiday rentals, which are handpicked and quality inspected by NOVASOL employees •a better and more individual customer service •complete reliability, which means you can trust our promises. Finally, our business concept is based on holding on to our customers - be it the holiday rental owner or the guest. This can best be done through reliability and hard, determined work based on the principle "we keep what we promise - and preferably a little more".

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