News: New recreation park outside La Isla

New recreation park outside La Isla
31 Mar 2018 - Alan Burge

On Friday 30th March a gust of wind caused the roof of an out-building on the new recreation park outside La Isla to lift off. Parts of the roof landed in the Lake around La Isla and there was damage to the railings of the new park. This was a near-miss which could have been much worse!

The park was constructed by the townhall of Alhama de Murcia with Bonds they held from Polaris World. We called the town hall to inspect and make safe following this incident. Although there were large pieces of the roof still in the lake, the townhall deemed this to be safe and confirmed they would only return Monday.

We were unhappy with this response from the council and instructed a contractor to make safe roof pieces in the lake to ensure the safety of La Isla residents.

We now await the council response on Monday morning.

The park is still under the control of the town Hall and has not been handed over to the community. We will be ensuring that the replacement roof and the roof of other buildings is checked and correct documentation provided before any handover along with a review of the park drainage which is also still an issue.

Should owners have any further immediate safety concerns they can use the 24hr Administration number +34 690 81 55 93

Alan Burge / Neil Simpson / Andy Watkiss

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