News: Site Speed Limit

Site Speed Limit
22 Aug 2019 - Naranjos 2 VP (Mark Ambridge)

Its nearly the end of August and although many owners and visitors are keeping to the speed limit , speeding on site is still a major problem with many motorists continually exceeding the site wide speed limit of 30km/h

Owners are reminded this speed limit is set by the local council / police and is the same speed limit as set in all urbanisations

Earlier this month at the peak of occupancy between the 10thand 12thof august in a 48 hr period 330 vehicles were recorded driving above 45 km/h ,several over 50km/h and the numbers above the 30km/h speed limit were considerably more

The impact of hitting a child at 45km/h could result in fatal or life changing injuries , this is obviously decreased when speeds are reduced to 30km/h

With this is mind we remind you the speed limit must be adhered to to stop this from happening

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