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27 Apr 2020 - Alan Burge

A new cable internet, TV and Phone contract was signed by the community on the 8th April 2020 with Cable Murcia for the installation for Fibre to each home with initial speeds of up to 100m/bits.

The roll out will start with the infrastructure upgrade and fibre to the back of each property aimed to be completed by late June 2020.

Due to a delay in signing the contract, we must wait for an updated programme from Cable Murcia but it is expected that the installation into each property will take place in July and August 2020, followed by other periods in December 2020 and Easter 2021 (subject to any restrictions in place).

In late 2019 three companies were asked for quotes based on installing fibre to Condado de Alhama and providing full fibre direct to each home (FFTP) ensuring that our resort has good comms services (internet , TV and phones) and infrastructure for the coming years and future demand.

Following a competitive tender process, we received prices from three providers Az2, Cable Murcia and Teletec.

The remit of the tender was to ensure that we maintain the lowest price level to residents as well as ensuring that our infrastructure and service are fit for the next decade. Almost all failures in the Internet, TV and phones services are as a result of failing infrastructure on site and not external issues.

Cable Murcia, our incumbent, provided the most competitive quote (around the same price we currently pay) with the least disruption and the highest basic speed of 100Mb/s ULTRAFAST broadband to each property (increasing the speed 10x from the existing 10mb/s). The comms committee and the level 1 board voted to present the Cable Murcia offer, and at the AGM in February 2020 this was agreed by owners.

We hope that owners recognise this as a step change in the service provision for the next decade whilst also maintaining a base price around the existing level. It would also mean Condado de Alhama would have the best provision for Internet, TV and phone on a resort, in this region.

Alan Burge 27-04-2020

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