8 Jan 2021 - Ian Whyte

Board of presidents and Admiburgos – joint statement


Admiburgos have advised the board that the company has merged with another company called INMHO, a national company based in Madrid.

We have been assured that in the short term nothing will change other than the company logo. As normal, the board will continually monitor the situation to ensure that our levels of service are maintained.

We are performing due diligence on the new situation and will inform owners when the exercise is complete.

The statement from Admiburgos follows.

Board of presidents


Dear owner

We are contacting you to inform you that our company Admiburgos is now part of inmho, the biggest property administration company in Spain, in order to adapt our services to a new era.

It is important to stress that inmho Admiburgos will continue to have the same team of staff who have been working tirelessly for your community throughout this entire period, reinforced by the corporate departments of a large company, which will allow us to concentrate more than ever on the management of your properties.

In the attached communication we are announcing some of the operational improvements that we are planning, and we will work with the board of Presidents to deliver these as appropriate to Condado.

In short, we will continue on our trajectory of excellent service with more enthusiasm, eagerness and resources than ever, dealing with all the issues to do with your community so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Yours faithfully,

Antonio Castrillo Benito.

Juan Francisco Lopez.

Félix Irazusta Gonzalez.

Adrián Zittelli Ferrari.

Oscar Castrillo Benito.

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