News: CCTV Operational across Condado de Alhama (26-07-2021)

CCTV Operational across Condado de Alhama (26-07-2021)
26 Jul 2021 - Alan Burge

CCTV is now operational across Condado de Alhama to deter and monitor criminal and anti-social activities as voted and approved by owners at the AGM held in 2020 and in compliance with the Organic law on data protection and Private security legislation (article 42 on Video Surveillance Services, Article 89 of the Organic act 3/2018 on Protection of Personal Data and the Guarantee of Digital Rights.

The CCTV covers the resort complex, including but not limited to the gardens, roads, parking areas, Condado Club, bins, the complex outside perimeter and parts of the Al Kazar. The owners of both the Alkazar and Golf course have been notified of the coverage offered and advised to supplement that coverage with their own bespoke systems.

Each camera will be monitored by qualified and certified security staff in full compliance with data protection laws and will monitor community areas only, not private dwellings. Cameras will be commissioned to block the viewing of private dwellings and the community pools.

To comply with data protection, owners who have a private numbered space in the Penthouses, Jardins and La Isla have been asked to notify admin where they do not give permission for their parking space to be monitored.

To ensure our new CCTV system is fit for the future, each camera is to be linked via independent fibre optics rather than the use of wireless, coax or ethernet.

From September – June the CCTV cameras will be monitored by the existing security team. In July and August, a dedicated guard will monitor the cameras 24/7.

For further information about CCTV coverage in the gardens and around the pool area click this link.

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