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30 Jul 2023 - Alan Burge

Reissued 30-07-2023

The CCTV across condado has been providing assistance to security and the local police for the last 24 months. Although the CCTV is still relatively new it has been used to deal with a number of incidents, but mainly criminal acts to date. Below, we provide a summary of the current protocol and a dedicated email address to send all future CCTV related issues.


This is a summary of the CCTV protocol to ensure residents are aware of how they can utilise CCTV image recording should the need occur.

The purpose of the cameras is not to “check up on people”; the right to privacy goes above all else, and the cameras have not been installed for that purpose. They have been installed for the security of the facilities as well as their integrity and to prevent further damage or crime, not to act against people unless they have been reported, and in this case, it would be the police who have the authority to request the images.

Access to the images is restricted to persons designated by the Community, in this case, to the guards employed by the security company designated for this. Under no circumstances will the images, monitors or recordings be available to owners nor to any other unauthorised user.

Although the CCTV is still relatively new it has been used by our security team and the local police to deal with a number of incidents, but mainly criminal acts to date. Below we provide a dedicated email address to send all future CCTV related issues.

If an incident occurs that may have been captured on the CCTV, residents can report this by emailing If the matter is urgent or ongoing you should also call security on +34 968328027 (or from an internal phone x7027) but also follow this up with an email should you wish to be provided with an update.

When emailing about an incident you should include the following information:-

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Description of the incident

If your request is related to administrative infractions, it will initially be dealt with by authorized persons by the community, who will contact the relevant parties to resolve the issue. Should a criminal act occur, action against the perpetrators can only be taken if the police are involved by the person reporting the incident (or in some cases the community president if communal damage is caused). The police will request the recorded images and deal with the incident.

If you report an incident, you should expect a reply within 72 hours (excluding weekends) from our administrators confirming if anything was captured on the CCTV and advising you of the next steps, or detailing if this has been passed to our security team, but under no circumstances will the recordings be shown or handed over, nor will any detail of the content be given to the person requesting it. Should the matter need to involve the local police admin are available to assist with this process.

Examples of administrative infractions

-Rubbish left outside containers, bins or communal areas

-Dogs not on a lead, escaped dog or dog related issues such as excrement

-Minor damage to community infrastructure or personal property

Examples of Criminal acts



-Vandalism to properties or vehicles

-Mistreatment of animals,


The procedure for making recordings available to the authorities is as follows:

  1. The Administration and Security will be informed of the events occurring, providing the date, time, and location of the events, to be able to report it and check the recordings.
  2. Administration staff will transmit this information to the person responsible in the security company.
  3. Security staff will view and check whether the requested incident has been recorded and whether it can be used as evidence. They will report this their manager for him to inform the Administration.
  4. The owner will be informed whether there are recordings of this incident. If there are, the person affected can report it, indicating that the community has images and recordings, and that the authorities must request these directly.
  5. Once the recordings have been handed over to the relevant authorities, unless communication is received to the contrary, the recordings will be treated as normal (kept and destroyed after 30 days)

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