News: La Isla - Cap on the lake

La Isla - Cap on the lake
2 Aug 2022 - Web Master

Since I left La Isla last Thursday the fly problem has got worse. Unfortunately, I cannot answer all the messages I am getting personally.

We started a programme of fumigation 4 weeks ago which does not cure the problem, just suppresses the number of flies. The cutting of the hedges and grass has disturbed many of the adult ones which should die soon as they only live as adults for a few days.

We also put a silicon cap on the lake just over 2 weeks ago, which appeared to stop the breeding process. It appears that maybe this is being breached. This is being checked out now.

If it requires another treatment we will do it. We will rely on the experts to advise us.

In the meantime, it would be helpful that we are all united in trying to solve this problem. Unhelpful speculation on social media just detracts us from doing our job. UE is supporting this programme. I am the UE Vice President and also Chair of the Gardening, Water and Cleaning committee for the whole resort and leading this process.

A few tips that will help your situation:

  • Try to keep lights off (they attract the flies)
  • If you need lights on draw shutters or blinds.
  • Keep your balconies free of any rotting vegetation
  • Lemon citrus candles outside help.

I will keep you updated.

Kind Regards


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