News: ​Update for the Community on the current contract with STV on the waste collection that has now been taken on by the Council.

​Update for the Community on the current contract with STV on the waste collection that has now been taken on by the Council.
23 Nov 2022 - Neil Simpson

As from July this year the Council have taken over the responsibility and the cost of collection of the rubbish from the bins in Condado. This is due to a challenge made by the AVPCA to the courts forcing the Council to take over the collection. It was previously agreed with the Council that the resort could arrange its own rubbish collection. The contract the resort has with STV meant we could manage the collection at a cost of approx 2.70 euros a month. The Council are now charging up to 5 euros per month per property and they have sent bills to owners to collect the money for the remainder of the year. Information on this can be found on the website.

Many owners are asking why the money we pay in the contract is not being refunded or reduced from their Community fees. So I will try and explain the current situation.

1/ Community fees by law can not be altered until the accounts and budgets have been agreed at an AGM.

2/ We have a contract with STV and they do not wish to stop collecting the contracted amount for rubbish collection but wish to provide extra services such as landscaping.

3/ The Community has stopped paying the rubbish collection part of the STV’s contract but maybe in breach of contract and this could land the resort in difficulties legally.

4/ The Community is negotiating with STV trying to reach a solution especially as STV are the company that collects the rubbish for the Council and we don’t want to pay twice for the service.

The board and administration is working very hard to try and find a solution and owners will be informed as soon as we have an update.

This situation is very difficult and has been forced on the Community and the Council because of the court case brought by a residents association who took the action without consulting with the Community or understanding the detrimental effect this action has had.

At no point did the Community or the Council want to be in this situation as it has nothing but a negative effect on owners both on them financially and in effective management of our rubbish collection services.

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