News: Condado Pets Committee Campaign Week! – Day 1 – Community Rules and Spanish Pet law

Condado Pets Committee Campaign Week! – Day 1 – Community Rules and Spanish Pet law
2 May 2023 - Web Master

DID YOU KNOW….. that Spanish Law changed recently and now animals are considered to be ‘sentient beings’? This means that there are new laws about cruelty to and abandonment of pets.

If you are a pet owner, there are some important laws and community rules that you need to be aware of. These include:

• Your pet must be microchipped

• Your dog must always be on a leash when in public areas

• You must clean up after your dog (bags are provided)

• You must prevent your pet from making excessive noise

• Dogs should be kept indoors if left unattended or overnight

• Pets should not be left unsupervised for more than 3 days, and in the case of some dog breeds, no more than 24 hours.

• It is against the law in Spain to permanently keep pets on balconies or terraces.

• It is against the law to abandon a cat or dog, either indoors or outdoors

Whilst it is not a legal requirement, it is recommended that cats and dogs on Condado are neutered to help to reduce unwanted pregnancies and to benefit the health of the animal. Later this year it is likely to become the law in Spain that all cats must be neutered before they reach 6 months of age.

Please note that it is forbidden to feed stray cats that wander around the complex. A system of TNR (Trap, Neuter and Release) has been introduced on Condado in order to maintain a healthy feral cat population which helps to control the rodent population that exists due to our location in the campo. TNR is a fully donation-led initiative that relies entirely on donations from the generosity of the owners, tenant and residents of the resort.

You can find further information about the rules and the law on the webpage for ‘pet ownership on Condado’ here.

Look out for future posts about this Pets Committee Campaign week, and if you see our volunteers around Condado wearing their yellow t-shirts, please feel free to ask them a question. You can also join members of the committee at our latest fundraising event at the Condado Club at 2pm on Thursday 4 May where the Ukelele Sunshine Band will be providing entertainment.

If you would like to contact the Pets Committee then please email

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