News: Property modifications 2023

Property modifications 2023
5 Jun 2023 - Alan Burge

All owners are reminded that ANY building works or property alternations must have the approval of the community.

A comprehensive list of approved modifications is included in the link below and the process that needs to be followed. Please do not rely on “the builder said it was ok or approved” as it is your responsibility to make sure any modifications comply and in almost all recent issues the builders carrying out the work had no approval.

Aesthetics Protocol (Updated AGM 2022) (

Owners are reminded that should they wish to carry out external modifications to their properties, they should complete the attached permit/forms.

Communityapprovalform.pdf (

Security will check that the works have permits; if this is not the case, they will request the immediate interruption of the works.

Where illegal work has taken place, the community will take all reasonable steps to stop the works and insist that modifications are made or put back to its original state.

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