News: Mobile reception - WiFi calling


The mobile phone reception on Condado is poor in some areas, in particular the Naranjos community. We have written to the "Financial and Digital Transformation Ministry" to complain, but are limited on what we can do as a community as this is down to each of the mobile telecoms companies.

In the meantime there are things you can do to improve the situation:-

  • Use Apps that use WiFi - such as imessenger/Skype/Teams/WhatsApp.
  • Enable WiFi calling on your phone so that normal calls received use the WiFi and not the mobile antennas with a compatible phone
  • Ensure you are using the latest phones or software updates. We now have TWO 5G mobile masts adjacent to the RM23. Even with a poor signal it is possible to receive much faster data.
  • Switch mobile providers. Some mobile providers have better signals that others and this will depend on where you are on Condado.
  • For Emergencies install a FREE landline phone. From the phone you can call admin, security and dial 112. For an additional 5e/month you can make and receive calls to external numbers.

Javier Gomez ( Jardín 10)

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