News: Bulk Item Waste Collection

Bulk Item Waste Collection
5 Jul 2023 - Neil Simpson

Due to the ruling on rubbish collection forced on the community after the challenges brought by the AVPCA residents association, the way that STV now collect bulk waste items has changed.

The new service is far inferior to the agreement we had with STV before, but we now have to adhere to the new rules as this collection is now completed by the council.

STV have been very proactive in helping us reach a solution that allows us more collection than the one per week that is standard for Alhama de Murcia.

The new procedure for arrange collection of bulk items is as follows:-

1/ Max number of items that can be left for collection per property is 4 items per week.

2/ Collection day will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between 6am and 1230pm.

3/ Owners need to email by 3pm the day . before collection.

4/ Owners can also call (Monday to Friday from 9 to 2pm) or send a whatsapp message to 603566419 the day before collection to arrange a collection.

5/ Items need to be place in owners parking areas after 7pm the night before the collection.

For the Gardens in the Naranjos Area a designated area will be provided for each garden.

6/ This procedure will come into effect from the 09/07/2023.

We apologise that this alteration to the bulk item policy is at short notice and will cause some problems but thanks to the cooperation of STV and work of some presidents and the administration we have reached a solution that hopefully will allow us to manage this on Condado.

Neil Simpson

UE President.

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