News: ​Security update 2023

​Security update 2023
31 Jul 2023 - Alan Burge

Security are doing a great job at protecting Condado, sometimes under hard conditions.

Whilst serious incidents are rare, our security team has needed to deal with numerous altercations in July and it has been a credit to them in dealing with these situations. They have also been closely monitoring unwelcome visitors and have actively removed groups from Condado.

We have a small summer security team of 8 manning the access gates, review CCTV and walking the gardens and roads of Condaod and it is clearly not possible to get things right all the time, but I hope you would all agree on the whole, that are doing a fantastic job.

What we realise is that social media often only highlights the issues with security and not the good work they are doing. For this reason for August we have agreed to provide a summary each week of the actions security have taken to give owners a more complete picture. And please please, if you have any issues that need security please contact them.

Posting concerns on facebook does not mean anyone will deal with your issues you are highlighting and myself and the other presidents cannot always respond to posts on social media.

Mobile/WhatsApp (+34) 722 25 27 20

Landline (+34) 968 32 80 27

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