News: ​30kph Speed limit

​30kph Speed limit

In the last 6 weeks, 2 cats have been killed on the inner ring road on Condado by passing vehicles (this is in addition to the many others that have been killed on other roads around Condado in recent years). In both cases the driver did not stop and check on the condition of the cat or contact security to report the incident. Security have the ability to check the microchip of pets on Condado and are able to make contact with the owner to let them know what has happened to their pet.

It isn’t known whether or not either of these vehicles were speeding at the time, but we would just like to remind people that the legal speed limit throughout Condado is 30kph and that drivers should not be exceeding this limit at any time of day or night. The Security Committee has been liaising with the local Police who have stated that they will be conducting speed checks on Condado in the near future.

And please, if you are the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident with an animal, please show some respect and don’t drive off leaving a dead or injured animal behind. Please check on the animal and contact security to report what has happened.

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