News: New security contract 2024

New security contract 2024
1 Jan 2024 - Alan Burge

The current 5 year security contract with Grupo Control ends on 31 December 2023 and members of the Security Committee have, over the last few months, undergone a tender process to secure the best possible security contract for the community of Condado de Alhama for the future.

Following this process, from 1 January 2024, the security company Vigilant will commence a new 3 year contract for security on Condado. This company already holds security contracts on many of the golf resorts in Murcia and is experienced at providing security on resorts such as Condado. Vigilant not only offered the best value for money between all of the companies who tendered for the contract, but also proposed some innovative ideas about the future which the Security Committee will consider in due course. A number of options regarding changes to security staffing levels will be presented as voting items at the 2024 AGM.

The security staff who currently work on Condado for Grupo Control and the auxiliaries who are employed via Dimoba Servicios will be given the opportunity of transferring to Vigilant providing their contract extends beyond 31 December 2024, and it is hoped by the Security Committee that many of them will choose to do this to provide consistency in the knowledge and understanding of the security issues that we face.

The company Vigilant is also keen to support owners on Condado regarding security issues and will be offering a free alarm system to owners who are not currently in debt. Further details of this offer will be shared after 1 January.

Alan Burge / Irene Curtis

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