News: Golf course land adjacent to penthouses

Golf course land adjacent to penthouses
23 Mar 2024 - MELAND, ELLEN

We are aware of complaints by some penthouses owners regarding the trees and the grass along the path at the penthouse facing the golf course.

Many of the trees are growing and disturbing owners view of the golf course. The area by the path toward the golf course has a lot of grass some of which appears to be dead, and some owners have suggested this could be a fire hazard due to glass and other rubbish that is sometimes thrown into this area. Some owners have been taking this into their own hands and started to grow their own plant or added gravel in front of their properties on the golf course land. Owners were remined just over a year ago that this was not permitted and STV did remove a number of plant pots and other items.

We raised these and other issues with the golf course and the they reinforced that this section of land is privet and owned by the golf course. The trees and the grass along the path are part of the design and aesthetics of the signature golf course and over the years have begun to mature. Under no circumstances can this be changed and the trees cannot be removed.

However, they understand the problem and would like to work with the owners to improve the standards. They will continue to prune the trees to the best of their ability. They will also have their greenkeepers review the grass along the path.

They are once again asking for owners to understand that they cannot add plants or gravel to the golf course land, and they are asking owners to respect this and remove all plants and gravel which has been applied. In addition, they are asking owners to ensure this area is keep the area clean and free of debris. Owners should not deposit rubbish or glass to this area and if anyone is aware of rubbish in these areas, to either remove it or contact admin or the golf course to make them aware.

In the next few weeks we will again as a community review this adjacent land to the penthouses and remove any remaining item if not removed in the next few weeks by owners.

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