News: Al-Kasar (new owners plans 23-03-2024)

Al-Kasar (new owners plans 23-03-2024)
23 Mar 2024 - MELAND, ELLEN

The L1 president and vice president had the first initial meeting with the new owners of Al Kasar on Friday 15.3.24. They are involved in several shopping centres in the area, one of which is a new shopping centre in Lorca.

They have interesting plans of how to develop and improve the pool area in the Al Kasar along with other improvements This is still pending licenses and approval from the town Hall. We will share these plans with owners as soon as we have some formal information from the company.

They have already started to complete small improvement such as tile replacement, painted the bins and replacing palms, and if you have had the opportunity to visit the Al Kasar recently you will have seen the work they are undertaking. Of course, we should expect some disruption during this initial period.

They have started to look at which new business they can attract to the Al Kasar and they have already have some contracts in place, which will be communicated shortly. These are expected to include new restaurants, bars and some commercial businesses too.

They have informed us that they wish the Al Kasar will be closed during night time which will be carried out by our security team They will be strictly following the licenses rules in Alhama de Murcia and close the centre during these closed hours.

Their Aim is to finish as much of the work as possible before the summer season, but this will be pending on the license’s approval.

The carpark is part of their purchase and they have raised concerns that there are campervans parked at their carpark. We ask any owners of campervans to remove their vehicle and remind all owners that this is private area.

Regarding security they have agreed that the community CCTV can be installed into the Al Kasar as originally planned where permission was originally denied by SAREB, and we are in talks about increased security for the Al Kasar in the summer, this coupled with the note above that the Al Kasar will be closed at night time out of hours.

We will continue having regular meetings with the new owners of and will updates to owners on the progress as soon as we have the official information.

If any owners have any questions or issues related to the Al Kasar, these can be directed to INMHO our administrators

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