News: Security update Jan-Mar 2024

Security update Jan-Mar 2024

In addition to their regular security duties, the security staff on Condado have been busy dealing with some more serious incidents during the first few months of this year. They have assisted with a number of medical emergencies, providing immediate care for people who have been injured or become ill, and assisting the ambulance to find the locations quickly. Here are just some examples of the other incidents they have been involved with.

In the early hours of 7 January, security attended an accident on the outer ring road where a driver had crashed into a lamppost. It was suspected that the driver had been drinking alcohol and so the police were called and he was arrested.

On 18 January security staff observed suspicious activity on the CCTV at the roundabout where the monolith stands. Two guards quickly attended and they disturbed a number of people stealing more copper. The people were chased away on foot by one of the guards but were collected by someone in a car, but the other security guard was able to prevent a car from leaving the scene and this car, containing many tools, etc, was recovered by the Guardia Civil who are investigating the case.

On 7 Feburary a guard prevented theft of cable from the lampposts on the outer ring road.

On 17 February a guard attended an accident on the inner ring road. The driver, who was suspected of drink driving, tried to escape and had to be restrained bythe guard until the police arrived to arrest him.

On 8 March, a guard attended a report of a missing suicidal person. He found the individual on waste ground causing himself harm and was able to stop him from doing so assist him to seek medical attention.

On 12 March, following collaboration with the security staff and the Guardia Civil, a drugs raid was carried out on an apartment where a large number of cannabis plants were found and recovered.

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