News: Jardines II - Painting Programme Incidents

14 May 2024 - Web Master

Dear Jardines II owners,

As you are aware, the painting programme is underway in Jardines II and the company awarded the contract is currently working on block 1 of Jardines 7.

We would like to remind you that it is the responsibility of the owners to remove terrace furniture and wall hangings and to remove all dirt from the ground. The provider is not obliged to do this. If the patios are not in a suitable condition, the work may be delayed.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the responsibilities of the owners with regard to the painting programme and the planned schedule of works.

  • Furniture and objects in front and back patios: It is very important that by the date the painters are due to enter your home, furniture, plants and other objects located in the front or back patios are removed or, failing that, grouped in the centre of the patios and covered to avoid paint stains. Objects placed or hanging on the walls should also be removed. These tasks are the responsibility of the owners. The contractor will not be responsible for paint stains caused by failure to do so.
  • Access to the house: The access doors to the courtyards must remain open during the period of work planned in your block. If you are absent during this period, please make sure that the doors to the courtyard are open.
  • Newly maintained properties: The Jardines II painting programme covers all properties and it is not possible for owners to refuse access to recently maintained properties. In the event that properties have been recently painted, work may be delayed until such time as work is completed in the garden to which the property belongs.

Once work has been completed in a garden, the contractor reserves the right not to return to that area if the owners have not fulfilled the above responsibilities within the time limit.

Attached are photos of some of the issues detected by the supplier so far.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Kind regards.

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