News: ​Security update - Access Control (24-05-2024)

​Security update - Access Control (24-05-2024)
24 May 2024 - La Isla President

On Monday 19 May the Access Control software on Condado de Alhama was modified and since that date, the data of all vehicles registered only at the main entrance gate have been deleted after 24 hours. This is because visitor access to Condado by vehicles is limited to 24 hours. If you wish a vehicle to remain on site for longer than 24 hours then you need to register it with administration, either by email or in person at the office alhama@inmho.esIf you do not register your vehicle with administration then you will be required to show your identification on arrival each time. The barriers will not open unless the vehicle and driver are both registered in the system. Please do not be rude or aggressive to the security staff or the vigilants on the security gates, they are only doing their job. Whilst this will affect visitors more than owners, if you rent your apartment out, please ensure that your tenants are aware of the need to register their vehicle with administration.

Irene Curtis

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