News: ​INMHO (25-05-2024)

​INMHO (25-05-2024)
26 May 2024 - Alan Burge

Slightly disappointing news to report, but recently both the area manager and territorial director (originally a partner of Admiburgos) were let go by INMHO which has placed us is a situation where there is a gap in the management tier of INMHO. You may have also read that recently INMHO have also closed offices in the Murcia region.

I want to reassure everyone that I have personally met the CEO of INMHO and plans are being put into place to fill this gap in the short term. We have our own onsite team from INMHO supporting Condado in the office at the AlKasar. This team does a great job and will continue to support the owners of Condado regardless of any management changes with the greater INMHO.

Alan Burge - President

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