News: Jardines II - Painting Programme J7B2

Jardines II - Painting Programme J7B2
31 May 2024 - Web Master

Dear owners on Jardines II,

As a result of the approval of the facade maintenance programme at the 2024 Annual General Meeting, the contract has been awarded to the company Pinturas Bernabé, who will carry out the painting works on the facades of the properties and common elements. Please read this message carefully.

  1. Schedule of works
  2. The plan of works proposed by the company is attached to this message. The dates are subject to alterations if weather conditions are not ideal for carrying out the works or applying the coating. If there is a delay to the established schedule, this will be communicated by the Administration.
  3. Responsibility of owners:
    • Furniture and objects on front and rear patios: It is very important that for the date when the painters are scheduled to enter your property, furniture, plants and other objects located in the front and rear patios are removed, or failing this, placed in the middle of the patios and covered over in order to avoid paint marks. You must also remove objects placed on or hanging from the walls and remove possible leaf debris, soil and dust from the floor and stairs. These tasks are the responsibility of owners. The contractor will not be responsible for paint marks that occur if items are not removed or covered over as instructed.
    • Access to the property: Gates giving access to patios must remain open during the period of work planned for your block. If you are absent during these dates, please take the appropriate steps to ensure that this is the case.
    • Recently maintained properties: The Jardines II painting programme encompasses all properties, and it is not possible for owners to deny access to recently maintained properties. In the event that properties have been painted recently, the works may be delayed, at the most, up to point when the works on the garden to which the property belongs have been completed.
  4. Once the works on a garden have been completed, the contractor reserves the right not to return to that area if owners have not complied with the aforementioned responsibilities within the established schedule.

  5. Process of works:
  6. The process during the works consists of the following steps:

    Repair of surface cracks with elastic putty and sanding of the support.

    • Cleaning the facade facing with water and diluted bleach.
    • Floor covering to prevent paint stains.
    • Application of a coat of primer.
    • Application of two coats of Arco Iris brand matt plastic paint.
    • Tidying up and cleaning on completion of the works.
  7. Incidents:
  8. Please contact the administration at if you observe any deviation with regard to the schedule, material used, or process to be followed. In the event of any delays or advances with regard to the schedule, the administration will inform you of the change of date. Once the works have been invoiced on a particular block, owners have 2 months to report any incident observed. Once this period has elapsed, requests relating to the material or work process will not be dealt with.
  9. Guarantee:
  10. The guarantee established in accordance with the technical specifications is 7 years. However, the following areas are excluded from the warranty:

    Lower part of the walls at a height equivalent to one metre measured from the ground.

    • Staircase walls.
    • Areas repeatedly exposed to damp due to being located next to areas of action of irrigation devices on garden surfaces.

Thanking you in advance for your attention and cooperation, with kind regards.

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