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Meeting with Alhama nature 4.6.24

The administrators of Condado de Alhama attended a meeting with Alhama Nature yesterday to discuss a range of matters.

Amongst the issues which were discussed, the future of the golf course and all the other promises that Alhama Nature have made for the future of Condado de Alhama were the main focus.

The have assured us that they are still committed to moving forward with the previous plans promised for Condado de Alhama, and they want to ensure that the condition of the golf course will improve to a better condition.

They will share more plans with us as more information becomes available.

They have requested that the following communication be sent to all property owners in Condado de Alhama:


In view of the news that have circulated in recent days in social networks, Alhama Healthy Living, S.L., owner of the course, has the obligation to show its deep rejection to the accusations made, as well as to make the following clarifications:

  • That there is a controversy between the owner of the golf course and Club de Golf Isla del Fraile, who has been carrying out, up to the present date and by virtue of a service lease contract, the management tasks of the golf course.

That this controversy has its origin in the absolute loss of confidence in the managers of the golf course, based on the discrepancies in the management entrusted, as well as in a multitude of contractual breaches, in addition to an evident concealment of information.

In this sense and by way of example, among a multitude of issues and as a clarification of such discrepancies, the managers have been neglecting the maintenance needs of the field, with the sole purpose of limiting the necessary costs and expenses in such work, thus obtaining an extraordinary profit and producing in turn a fatal damage to the course itself, damage that has been verified by the agronomic technicians in charge of monitoring the field. This is conditioning the owner to make a large investment in its recovery.

Faced with this loss of confidence, the owner made every effort to negotiate an agreed solution between the parties, with any proposal being rejected outright by the club managing the course and only making an unacceptable counter-proposal, with the sole aim of obtaining unjust enrichment at the expense of the owner.

  • For all of the above, the owner adopted the decision to cancel the contractual relationship between the parties, terminating the aforementioned service lease contract to, consequently, recover the management and maintenance tasks related to the operation of the golf course.

To this end, a notarial request was sent, granting a period of five days to abandon the facilities in an orderly manner, with the intention of limiting the possible damage to both the users of the course and the employees as much as possible.

  • After the deadline granted for the abandonment of the facilities, and when the time came for the owner to recover the means of work for the development of the maintenance tasks of the course, there have been violent episodes by those responsible for the Isla del Fraile Golf Club involving struggles, threats and coercion, with the consequence of the subtraction of various work machines, preventing their use by the owner. This situation has been brought to the attention of the Guardia Civil, who have filed the corresponding complaint.

Furthermore, up to date, the representatives of Club de Golf Isla del Fraile continue to illegitimately occupy the facilities of the clubhouse and the restaurant-cafeteria, which has also been reported to the Guardia Civil.

  • Consequently, we wish to conclude this communication by expressing our total and absolute rejection of any accusation, statement or circumstance, made with the sole purpose of defaming and promoting a false image of the owner and the people who act on its behalf, issues that will be aired in the appropriate legal proceedings, but which, to our regret, are causing serious damage to our property and to the whole community that makes up the ALHAMA SIGNATURE course.

We remain at the disposal of any interested person, assuming the commitment to make our maximum effort in the recovery of normality, to keep making use of the extraordinary facilities that we are fortunate to be able to enjoy.


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