News: Badly Parked Vehicles Protocol

Badly Parked Vehicles Protocol
2 Jul 2024 - inmho

One of the biggest problems we have on Condado in the summer is the parking of unauthorised vehicles in private numbered spaces in the Jardines, Penthouses and on La Isla.

This is the protocol to be followed by our security team in these circumstances:

Try to locate the owner of the badly parked vehicle, and if this is possible, ask then to remove the vehicle straight away.

If this is not possible, or the time of night makes this unreasonable, leave a note on the vehicle asking for it to be removed.

In the majority of cases this system works. If you are visiting someone and decide to park in a vacant numbered parking space, then you could leave a note in your windscreen stating your phone number or which apartment you are visiting then if the owner of that parking space returns, they can contact you and ask you to move your car.

If you have a problem with a vehicle parked in your parking space and you don’t know who the car belongs to, then it is recommended that you contact security on 0034 968 328 027 (landline) or 0034 633 966 491 (mobile/WhatsApp). It is not recommended that you post a photograph of the vehicle on social media as it is illegal in Spain to publish the registration number of a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

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