News: Underground Containers and Waste Collection

Underground Containers and Waste Collection
5 Jul 2024 - Web Master

Dear Condado de Alhama Owners and Residents,

Please be informed that, as far as the Administration is concerned, all underground bin units are currently working correctly.

The following units have recently been repaired:

N1-C4 Organic – General Waste

LI-C4 Paper & Paperboard

J2-C3 Paper & Cardboard

J1-C7 Organic – General Waste

Below you can find photos of some of them:

We also are pleased to let you know you that the renewal of the stickers informing about what waste should be deposited in each of the bins is planned soon. You can see the design here:

We remind you that the general waste container is suitable for depositing any waste classified as "REMAINDER" and included in the following definition:

The remaining production is the fraction of household waste that is obtained after separate collections have been carried out in some areas. It is also called rejection or erroneously "organic" it can still contain recoverable materials in different quantities depending on the levels of separate collection that are considered for the other fractions. The materials that should contain this fraction are, among others:

  1. Sanitary textiles: diapers, pads and tampons, ear buds, breast pads, wet wipes, dental floss and small household waste such as bandages, tape, bandages, gauze and cotton.
  2. Other toiletries such as razors, toothbrushes, files, condoms, etc.
  3. Household cleaning residues such as sweeping dust and vacuum cleaner bags.
  4. Plates, cups and other ceramic elements.
  5. Cigarette butts and ashes.
  6. Ash from fireplaces or stoves
  7. Photographs, credit cards or similar and in general:
  8. All waste that is not subject to separate collection by local authorities

We would like to point out as well that you have a separate waste collection center in the ECOPARQUE DE ALHAMA, in the Industrial Park of Alhama, Services Sector, plot 1. Phone: 638162512.

Alhama Ecopark

Further information on selective collection is available at the following link (Spanish and English version)

City Council of Alhama de Murcia - Waste and street cleaning

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